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      Karsten Lehmann  27 June 2014 09:49:20
      The last post in this blog has been written 6 months ago. Although I have had several ideas for new posts, project work and family life got in the way (our son was born last September).

      At Mindoo, we have been incredibly busy working on development projects and product prototypes. Some of them are still IBM Domino based with Responsive Web Design using Bootstrap and jQuery or Sencha's ExtJS, others are pure JSF applications using the Primefaces framework.

      In other projects, we produced EPub files from IBM Domino data (we used EPublib for this purpose), built some native extensions to call Domino C API functions from Java code (e.g. direct attachment streaming without extracting files to disk first) and dived a bit into the mobile development space with apps developed with Appcelerator Titanium and a CouchDB on the server side as well as Couchbase lite in the mobile client to easily sync data between devices.

      Since I could not find the time to write blog articles, I more and more have been using Twitter to publish interesting frameworks and tools. I do this primarily for myself to be able to find them later when I need a tool for a project, but hey, my Twitter account is open, so feel free to take a look or become a follower.

      To be able to search my findings, I created a Notes database on our web server where I download my tweets, add content of linked web pages and use Domino's powerful fulltext search engine for searching.
      That database currently only has an ugly Notes Client based user interface, but I plan to add a simple web frontend to it. We'll see if and when this will be available.

      So for now, all I can do is recommend taking a look at my Twitter account to see what technology I am currently working with:

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