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  • One Lotusphere 2010 session approved!

    Karsten Lehmann  17 November 2009 20:38:06
    We just received an email from IBM telling us that one of our session submissions for Lotusphere 2010 has been approved.
    The title is:

    Add-ons for Client/Designer leveraging new Java APIs of Lotus Notes 8.5.1

    This is really cool, because it's our favorite topic. Those new APIs can be used for many small useful Notes and DDE add-ons and I'm sure we will have some nice giveaways for the session.

    See you in Orlando!


    1Dirk Wrany  24.11.2009 08:49:44  One Lotusphere 2010 session approved!

    Interesting topic for Lotusphere. Looking forward to take part.

    See you on Lotusphere2010

    2Robert  14.01.2010 06:10:58  One Lotusphere 2010 session approved!

    Great job guys, please save the session some where on your blog, for us guys who don't get to attend !