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  • Lotusphere 2012: download links for session slides

    Karsten Lehmann  17 January 2012 16:50:09
    I just spent some time to grab the download links of the sessions slides from the Lotusphere 2012 website. Since my Macbook Pro could not get a proper connection to the wireless network in Dolphin (network is quite bad both at Lotusphere and in the Yacht Club we are staying in), I had to do this on the iPhone, because it was the only device that got an IP address. That was fun. ;-)

    So here are the links to the slides that are available so far, sorted by session ID. Unfortunately, many are still missing. From our last years experience, the speakers are not the one to blame here. All had to submit their slides back in December.

    Hopefully, the remaining session slides will follow shortly.


    Use your preferred download utility (e.g. DownThemAll) for download. You need to be logged in on the LS12 website before downloading.

    1Giuseppe Grasso  17.01.2012 20:10:57  Lotusphere 2012: download links for session slides

    thanks a lot!

    2Lee Keener  18.01.2012 14:15:14  Lotusphere 2012: download links for session slides

    Thanks! This rocks!

    3Hunter Medney  19.01.2012 17:40:39  Demos and updates

    Please also check the Public Files section for session-related demos and updates.

    4Ron Walker  20.01.2012 02:50:38  Lotusphere 2012: download links for session slides

    Thanks! This is awesome!