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  • Great resources for plugin development for Notes and Domino

    Karsten Lehmann  4 February 2011 16:31:05
    We're back from Lotusphere in good old Europe with "cozy" 0°C in the southern part of Germany... (at least no snow here).

    At Lotusphere after our session "Leveraging the new Java APIs in IBM Lotus Notes 8.5.1/8.5.2", I got asked a few times which resources we have used in the past to gain more experience in plugin development.
    That's pretty hard to say, because we learned plugin development for Eclipse "the hard way": About five years ago, when we started with exploring Eclipse and Notes APIs, we mostly read the Javadocs of Eclipse and Expeditor APIs and tried to find as much sample code as possible on the web (which was not very easy at that time, especially not in combination with the Notes client development for R8).

    Along the way, there were three very helpful Developerworks articles written by Brian Leonard in 2007:

    We also did buy two books about Eclipse RCP and pure OSGi development and the blogs of Mikkel Heisterberg, Bob Balfe and Ryan Baxter as well as the IBM Design Partner program have also proven to be a great help.

    Today the situation for beginners is in fact much easier. A few days before Lotusphere, I noticed that there were a few new articles showing up in the feed of the Lotus Notes and Domino Application Development Wiki.
    The articles looked promising and I decided to convert them to PDF and read them on the iPad on my way to Orlando.

    After reading through them, I must say that this is a brilliant collection of information, tips&tricks and step-by-step guides to get started with plugin development.

    Here is the URL: all articles belong to the new Redbook "Creating plug-ins".

    1Karsten Lehmann  23.02.2011 09:46:40  Great resources for plugin development for Notes and Domino

    Looks like the RedBook link is not working properly anymore.

    Here is a new one:

    { Link }